Piano Language's International Drawing Contest 2021

Exciting news! This year Piano Language will be holding an international music drawing contest! Music students from all over the world are given the opportunity to create and submit a drawing based on the musical term: the treble clef. Alexa Madison (composer and owner of Piano Language) will be choosing a winner based on creativity, effort, and musicality (how well it depicts the treble clef). You will find further details below.


About the Contest

Music students are challenged to make a drawing based on the music term the treble clef. Since the treble clef is designed for higher notes, we ask students to draw something that represents high to them (i.e. kittens meowing, clouds in the sky, etc.) including their best drawing of the treble clef.

The more effort and creativity the student can put in, the more likely the student will win (and using lots of color makes all the difference)!


Requirements for Submission

We ask for students who participate to currently be taking lessons or classes on a musical instrument and for the student to be under 18 years old. We will ask for the teacher to list the student's age when submitting (we consider age when picking out a winner).


When/Where to Submit

We will be accepting drawings anytime between February 1st-28th.

Teachers, submit all of your student drawings through this link: https://m.me/pianolanguage?ref=w14211451 

If Facebook Messenger is unable to the teacher, please submit drawings to our email here: pianolanguagemusic@gmail.com


What the Winner Will Get

The selected winner will receive a free $20 gift card to the Piano Language website and the student's teacher will also get a $10 gift card as well as a shout out to their Facebook page/Instagram account from our Piano Language Facebook page.


The ultimate goal of this contest is to have fun! Feel free to spread the news of this competition with other music teachers to share the joy of music and learning!


Please contact Alexa Madison at pianolanguagemusic@gmail.com if you have further questions.


Congratulations to Our Winner!

Congratulations to Berdie Gookin Bowlsby's 11 year old student who drew the musical cliff. Your drawing was made in full detail and tons of creativity! I especially enjoyed the detailed outline of the music notes drawn to accuracy with tons of thought. Well done!


We'd like to share our second and third place winners as well because we appreciated their thought and effort.

Second place goes to Molly, the 9 year old student taught by Susanne F. Jones. This drawing was so cute and creativity well done. The small details of the treble clef apples and the bird tweeting music notes really brings out the music in this drawing.


And third place goes to 6 year old Melody (taught by Sara Adamczyk). Melody's cute and creative drawing of the treble clef kite really stood out to me. The idea put behind the drawing was definitely well thought out. Great job!

Other Amazing Drawings Considered

Here were a few other other drawings that were greatly considered in winning the contest. There were so many great ones to choose from!


Gloria Patricia Pére<

Gloria Patricia Pére<

Thank you for this beautiful event!



When will we find out who won in the International contest?



Thanks. I just saw this blog and sent it out to my students.

MrDave Piano Teacher

MrDave Piano Teacher

Great idea. The pictures I submitted were from my own student art challenge in fall 2020. There was no theme but these 3 pictures did feature the G Clef.



I love this so much! Thanks for providing another great & creative idea for my music studio.

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