Here's some details and a step-by-step tutorial on how upgrading licenses work!


Why upgrade licenses?

With this set-up, you are able to try out the single license before purchasing the studio license. There is no time-limit for this! This way you can select the music that you know works well for your studio. And there's no additional charge for previously purchasing the single license!


What does it mean to upgrade?

If you have chosen to purchase the single user license any time in the past and decided you wanted to share the music with more than one student, you can now upgrade to the studio license. If you have spent $2 on the single license and the studio license costs $10, you can purchase the studio license for only $8. 


How does it work?

If you have purchased the single license anytime in the past, you can go back and purchase the studio license. When the studio license is in your cart, you will find in that a coupon has already been applied to it, and you are set to go! Just make sure you are already logged into your account to see the discount.


Have any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to Alexa Madison through email and she'll get back to you as soon as she can!