Our Top Favorite Teaching Tools
We all have those specific "go-to" resources for every teaching concept in our studio. You might have specific resources just for note-reading, rhythms, technique, etc.
And it is just amazing when we can find the PERFECT resource for our studio that is quick, easy, and affordable.
Well I am going to save some time for you this week and share some of my favorite teaching tools that are always my "go-to".
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1) Dry Erase Dice - Dollar Store
  • Naming rhythms, notes, symbols, game boards, etc.


2) Animal Erasers - Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  • Keyboard geography
  • Music alphabet
  • Practicing repetition
  • Game boards
  • Prizes

3) Pebbles - Dollar Store
  • Cheaper alternative for animal erasers
  • Great for older students (but younger kids also love it)
  • Cut out alphabet letters and glue onto the back of the pebbles

4) LadyBug Squeezie - Amazon
  • Great for demonstrating hand position

5) Hand-Held Whiteboard / Paddle Boards - Dollar Store
  • Composition and improvisation
  • Drawing out symbols
  • Siblings play against each other for games - they write answers on whiteboards

6) Dry Erase Plastic Pockets - Dollar Store
  • Reusing worksheets
  • Drawing on game boards
  • Drawing notes on grand staff

7) Play Dough - Dollar Store, Amazon, Target, etc.
  • Demonstrating firm fingertips
  • Creating rhythms and symbols
  • Good for waiting siblings
  • Prizes 

8) Mini Sticky Notes - Dollar Store
  • Mark assigned pages so that students don’t forget to do them
  • Highlight passages in student’s music

9) Pointer Stick - Dollar Store
  • Great for social distancing with in-person lessons
  • Helps the students follow their music better

10) Floor Keyboard - Amazon
  • Groups of two and three black keys
  • Music alphabet
  • Staff reading

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