Planning an Online Recital


What’s the difference between this recital and the last?

  • Things are not rushed, you can plan out accordingly
  • You get the chance to look back on how you did things last time and improve on them
  • Parents and students now get an idea on how things will go


  • What happened at the last recital that didn’t go so well? 
  • Make a few notes on what you would like to do differently and how you can improve on them
  • Ask parents for their opinion on how things went last time

What went well

  • What were some things you did last time that did go well
  • Make a note of these things to make sure that you do them again!

Why is this recital different from the last?

  • You now have more experience this time through
  • You will not be rushed in changing plans
  • You might have some online AND in-person lessons - how will you address these students who are now in-person
    • I will be recording my in-person students at their lesson time and will use that shot for the recital video. That way I will be there to get the right camera angle, lighting, hand positioning, rhythms, etc.

2-3 months before recital

  • Poll: ask parents what they want to do (Zoom, YouTube, etc.)
  • Send out an email with details on how this recital will be planned and what they will need to do on their end to provide the best performance
  • The recital can still do a fun theme for your online recital!
  • Start picking out music and send links to sheet music online
  • Go over the rules: dress code, video submission, duets, etc. just so students and parents have an idea of what’s going on
  • If you are planning out some awards, make sure to figure out how you will be delivering them!

1 month before recital

  • Make a purchase for the awards
  • Check in with the students and the parents on the progress making sure they are on their way
  • Record your teacher duets and send videos to students so that they can practice with them ahead of time

2-3 weeks before recital

  • Practicing stage presence
  • Reviewing deadlines for video submissions, dress codes, and answering any questions
  • Preparing programs to send online
  • Prepare and record your recital speech

Week of recital

  • Finalizing programs and send over to parents
  • Sharing awards to students
  • Make some test runs through your program to prevent any “surprises”
  • Schedule video and send out links
  • Last minute reminders

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